“This is impressive!  We conducted a test at our home to see how effective the ZennValve really is.  We ran the lawn sprinkler for an hour and ran a cycle on the washing machine, consuming 168 liters.  Then we installed the ZennValve, and ran the same sprinkler and washing machine, and only consumed 134 liters.  20% savings!  Wow, it really works!”

John P.


“The installation went very smoothly, there were no issues.  And after reviewing our water consumption over time, there was a significant difference!  This device will pay for itself in a year- then it’s all savings!  Thank you!”

Anthony B.


“This is a fantastic device!  When we saw how many bigger companies were using the technology, we decided to give it a try.  I had to borrow a pipe wrench but after that the installation was easy, your video made it clear.  And then that was it- we just watched the water bills, and compared to the previous months.  We immediately saw a drop in our gallons used- even though we didn’t change our habits.  I’m estimating we’re saving about 18% so far, and it’s only been 3 months.  Great product!”

Allen P.


“Easy install, and measuring the water consumption on our bills showed reduction of 29.6 percent.”

Robert C.