ZennValve Installation Video

ZennValve Installation Text

ZennValve recommends that you contact your local water provider to be sure their ownership stops on the city side of the meter before shutting the water off to your residence and installing the ZennValve. Every city, municipality and/or water provider will have their own rules and regulations regarding their property and where the ownership of their property may stop.

Locate the meter box. It is most likely the meter box will be on the perimeter of your property closest to the street side of your property. Most meter boxes will be 12 to 13 inches long and 8 to 10 inches wide with a small door opening located on the top of the meter box. The most common colors for a meter box will either be green or black. In almost all cases the meter box will say water on top of the cover.

Open the meter and box. Find the meter number located on the lid covering the readable dial. You want to be sure you confirm that the meter number matches the meter number found on your water bill. Next you will locate the water shut off, the shutoff will most likely be located just on the city side of the meter and in most cases will appear to be a square piece of metal with a hole in the center. You will turn the water shut off key until it is flush with the holes lining from the key to the seat on the meter and/or line. You should be able to stick a screwdriver through the water shut off key and through the seat on the line and/or meter to be sure the water to your residence is off.

Locate the meter coupler on the property side of the meter. The coupler should be identical to the ZennValve and attached directly to the meter on one end and directly into your residential water line on the other.

Remove the meter coupler. You will need a pair of Vise Grips and an Adjustable Wrench to remove the meter coupler. Use the wrench to loosen the brass union nut on the customer side of the meter while using the Vise Grips to stabilize the opposite end of the meter coupler attached to the residential water line.

Loosen the line coupler. After you have loosened the brass union nut, you will use the adjustable wrench to loosen and remove the meter coupler from the residential water line. Remove the meter coupler from the meter box and away from the installation area to be sure you do not confuse the existing meter coupler with the ZennValve.

Place Teflon tape on threads. You will use Teflon tape to secure a water-tight fitting around the exposed threads from the meter and the water line. Be sure to use Teflon tape on the Zennvalve as well before installation.

Reconnect the line. You will connect the front side of the ZennValve to the customer’s side of the meter using the brass union nut.

Reconnect the meter. You will connect the backside of the ZennValve to the residential water line using a brass coupler and or existing fitting.

Check the fittings. Make sure all of the fittings are securely fastened before turning on the water.

Check for leaks. Turn the water back on and check for any leaks that might have happened during the installation. If there are no leak’s you have successfully installed the ZennValve.


Click here to download installation document.