How It Works

You’re Probably Paying for Water You’re Not Using.

Most residential water meters rely on 30 year old technology to measure your water consumption. Inside your meter, water coming to your home passes through a spinning paddle that measures how much you are billed for. But there’s a problem. The accuracy of this system relies on a consistent flow to get an accurate reading, and that’s not what’s going on inside the water line.

When it Comes to Your Water Bill… Turbulence is the Enemy.

In city water lines, the water is passed via turbulent flow. This turbulent, less orderly flow regime is characterized by eddies or small packets of fluid particles and results in lateral mixing. This turbulent water flows through your water meter. Since a water meter reads volume, the extra fluid particles inside the water is also being inaccurately recorded as used water, and therefore part of your bill.

ZennValve Makes Things Smooth.. And Saves You Money!

ZennValve’s patent pending technology creates a compression zone in your water line, resulting in a smoother flow. Without these swirling pockets of fluids (eddies), the flowing water is now accurately recorded, instantly resulting in lower water and sewer bills.

The ZennValve device is installed on the property side of the meter, replacing the meter coupler. The intake cone faces the meter, dynamically adjusting to the incoming water pressure, creating a turbulence free compression zone before the water meter. Through a patented design, the device manages the flow characteristics to deliver the right amount of  water needed while providing conservation benefits.

Technical Considerations

  • ZennValve will not harm any mechanical devices upstream and/or downstream from the meter.
  • ZennValve does not produce a water hammering effect and harmonics or vibration that would cause any leaks.
  • Only 15% of the material tensile strength is used ensuring a long product life expectancy.
  • If ZennValve were to fail it would so in the open position never restricting your water flow.
  • Guaranteed minimum 10% savings on consumption
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30 minutes to install with only one pair of pliers and pipe wrench
  • NSF certified 372 and 61